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Shipping for the Holidays

A shipping update for all...

Any order placed Tuesday, December 13th through Friday, December 16th will not be shipped until Monday, December 19th. Any order placed after Friday, December 16th will not be shipped until after the New Year. Happy Holidays everyone!!

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Taste of Europe (In Store Only)

smorgasbord of homemade European sausages are on sale this month!  Our Taste of Europe special includes the fresh Polish, mild and hot Italian, and Hungarian sausages. The Polish is all pork with copious amounts of garlic so please don't sit too close to the nearest person. Our hot and mild Italian are also all pork with just the right amount of heat for the hot, and the perfect blend of fennel and other spices for the mild Italian. If you like paprika AND garlic then this one is for you, the fresh Hungarian is all pork and full...

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What makes Bacon better?

bacon porkbelly

What makes Bacon better?
Artisan attention to detail yields better flavor and value.


It's been quite a ride, recently, for the humble pork belly. 

It's now a feature on many a menu — a source of inspiration to many a Chef.

But it's always been a fixture for the Home Cook — as a staple at breakfast;
crumbled in a spinach salad; perfecting a cheeseburger.

Heck, who hasn't craved a toasted triple-decker BLT? 
Or a late night supper of Spaghetti Carbonara? 
Or crunchy bits...

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Home-Smoked "Koval" Bourbon Belly!

bacon koval porkbelly

Paulina Market's new pork belly

At the peak of every profession remain questions that border on the imponderable.     Our Smokehouse Staff wondered, for instance, what could possibly make Bacon taste better? Their inspired answer:  the sweet taste of sour mash … from pork bellies cured in bourbon barrels!

We hope you'll enjoy the subtle taste of our bourbon-infused bellies …hand-trimmed for leanness, and hickory-smoked and fully-cooked just like the Paulina Market Bacon you know and love.The bourbon barrels come from Koval, a local high-end distillery here in Chicago; the cure, a week-long immersion...

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