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Taste of Europe (In Store Only)

smorgasbord of homemade European sausages are on sale this month!  Our Taste of Europe special includes the fresh Polish, mild and hot Italian, and Hungarian sausages. The Polish is all pork with copious amounts of garlic so please don't sit too close to the nearest person. Our hot and mild Italian are also all pork with just the right amount of heat for the hot, and the perfect blend of fennel and other spices for the mild Italian. If you like paprika AND garlic then this one is for you, the fresh Hungarian is all pork and full of flavor and can be eaten without any condiments. The easiest way to cook these is by simmering them in water for about 15 minutes and then just throw them on the grill for another 5 to 10 minutes on a medium heat! Enjoy our Taste of Europe!