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    Blog — koval

    Home-Smoked "Koval" Bourbon Belly!

    Paulina Market's new pork belly

    At the peak of every profession remain questions that border on the imponderable.     Our Smokehouse Staff wondered, for instance, what could possibly make Bacon taste better? Their inspired answer:  the sweet taste of sour mash … from pork bellies cured in bourbon barrels!

    We hope you'll enjoy the subtle taste of our bourbon-infused bellies …hand-trimmed for leanness, and hickory-smoked and fully-cooked just like the Paulina Market Bacon you know and love.The bourbon barrels come from Koval, a local high-end distillery here in Chicago; the cure, a week-long immersion in a blend of salt, sugar, bourbon and water.  The result:  a flavor that's proudly all-American!

    Need some? Order online!