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    Hard to find Steaks

    The Taste of Quality          mid-July Newsletter

    Hard-to-find Steaks @ Paulina Market
    Uncommon Quality, Uncommon Cuts

    You count on us for quality.  Quality that makes a meal especially memorable. 

    The kind of quality that you can actually taste:  in our Brats and Sausages and Charcuterie, in our Homemade Potato Salad and Chicken Pot Pies, in our locally sourced fresh Poultry, and in our butcher-cut Steaks and Chops.

    One of the ways we control for quality is by butchering the 'old-school' way, by breaking down whole hanging Steer quarters, for instance.  The happy result:  a number of delicious but uncommon Cuts that are celebrated in other Cultures' cuisines.

    Consider the Brazilian cut known as Picanha, a thick-cut fat-capped piece of sirloin rump-cover that's renowned for its satisfyingly beefy flavor.

    Or consider a cut the French refer to as Bavette — what we would call a Flap Steak.  A tender, coarse-grained cut often plated in a serving of Steak Frites.  In New England it's the cut most commonly used for Steak Tips.

    Or consider any number of other hard-to-find Steak-Cuts always available at Paulina Market. 

    Flat-Iron Steaks make for a quick and simple sauté; tender and perfectly portioned (popularized on the West Coast).  Hanger Steak (a scarce, one-to-a-steer cut — also known as a Butcher's Steak) offers a coarse-grained texture with a deep, mineral-rich, flavor profile. 

    Both cuts are versatile:  as a plated Steak;  between a crusty roll to create a tender Steak Sandwich; or sliced against the grain for a delicious Steak and baby spinach Salad garnished with crumbled bacon, sautéed shallots, and some sliced hard-boiled egg.

    How 'bout another West Coast staple renowned as a Santa Maria Steak:  the Tri-Tip Steak, the Cut we call a London Broil.  Dry-rubbed, grilled, and thick-sliced — cooked medium-rare, these tender slices capture a California crave.

    Or consider grilling a bone-in Sirloin Steak, or a double-cut rib-eye with a fully-frenched bone known as the Tomahawk Steak.  Traditional Cuts that go way back, now hard-to-find, but still enjoyably tender, juicy, and flavorful!

    We also stock cuts of Wagyu Beef that mark a quality beyond Prime.  Pasture-fed and brewer-grain finished, we cut this incredibly marbled beef into Rib-eye and Strip Steaks.  Butcher-cut fresh initially, then cryovacked and frozen, these all-American Steaks celebrate the Japanese appreciation for Kobe beefsteak. 

    One and all, across beef-loving cuisines, these hard-to-find Steaks both celebrate and satisfy a taste for quality.  Enjoy!