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Newsletter 83

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The Taste of Quality       Issue No. 86 / April 2016

Hope Springs Eternal
Go Sox, Go Cubs!

April marks the opening of the baseball season, Sox and Cubs fans.  And while hope may always 'spring' eternal, both Clubs this year promise a whole lot of excitement.  Let us help you enjoy 
the games with a wide variety of traditional foods.

Snacking during the game?  How 'bout some Well's Street gourmet Popcorn, or some of Paulina Market's Malted Milk-balls, Chocolate Covered Cashews, or even some Swedish Fish?  Or how 'bout some of Paulina's popular Beef Jerkies (Original, Cajun, Teriyaki, or Maple-Chipotle), or some of our handmade Honey-Pork, Spicy-Lamb, or Salami Sticks?

Many of you tell us that our Old Fashioned Wieners are the absolute best
you've ever tasted.  Of course, these aren't ordinary 'dawgs'; no fillers here. 
Our all-meat wieners are hand-made in the Paulina Sausage Kitchen from trimmings 
of the same veal, beef, and pork that you enjoy in our roasts and chops.

Of course, any of our 40 different types of Brats and Sausages are
 a hit when watching baseball.  All made here, at Paulina, with pride. 
Heck, our Goat Brat was created to overcome the legend that may still be
 cursing our beloved Cubs.  So Cubs fans, if you really want to seal-the-deal in 2016, please try some! 

And if you're going to the game, enjoy our Brats at the "Hot Doug's" grill-stand, which will feature a different sausage each home-stand.

And hey-hey, we also make a variety of Burgers:  from fully-cooked Chicken Patties
 and our popular Seasoned Steak Burgers to Mini-Burgers, Lamb Patties,
 Veal and Mushroom Patties, Italian Sausage 'Torpedo' Patties, 
and Turkey Burgers. 

Or check-out one of our favorite Burgers:  the Bacon-Cheddar Brat Burger. Inspired by our 
Cheddar Brat, it's a fully-cooked patty of coarse ground pork
 with sharp cheddar cheese and thickly diced Paulina Bacon.  
Think of it, in 'burger-terms', as the perfect triple-play!

Just heat 'n eat ... and enjoy! 
April's in-store Special-of-the-Month: Lamb Gyros Brats.
Add some Tzatziki for a little taste of Heaven!

Michelangelo may have had the Sistine Chapel.  When we're at our creative best, we have … well … Sausage!

Our Sausage Kitchen's always hard at work; after all, we routinely make over 40 different kinds of Brats and Sausages at Paulina Market. 

But every once in a while our sausage-makers step out from their routine to create something fun and new that's also wonderfully delicious.  Inspiration comes from a lot of places, including tastes we anticipate when we crave a favorite classic sandwich.

Consider our Italian Beef Combo Brat (based on a sandwich unique to Chicago), or our seasonal Holiday Sausage (turkey, cornbread stuffing, and cranberries), or even our newest addition — the Reuben. 

Our popular Lamb Gyros Brat was first in this series.  Coarsely ground Lamb and Beef combine with mild gyros seasoning to capture the taste of this classic Greek-American sandwich.  Juicy, flavorful, and satisfying.  Enjoy them with some of Paulina's homemade tzatziki.

Our special-of-the-month this April is a 'double-dip' special:  Lamb Gyros Brats will be discounted $1.00 per pound and when you buy eight, get a container of our homemade Tzatziki Sauce (a $3.75 value) for free! 
This April we offer another Special-of-the-Month for our on-line shipping-order customers:  for each on-line order that spends $200 on products, we will include a Paulina Market "One-Pounder" Gift Box (a $65 value). 

This Gift Box includes five separate 1 to 1.5 pound homemade products from our Sausage Kitchen:  our popular all-meat veal, beef, and pork Bologna; our all-beef Summer Sausage; our all-beef garlic and peppercorn Salami; our all-pork Hungarian Salami spiced with garlic and paprika; and our beef and pork Hot and Spicy Salami.

Take advantage of this extraordinary value — sent with pride from our kitchen to yours.  (This April special-of-the-month pertains to on-line shipping orders only; on-line in-store pick-up orders excluded.)
Paulina Market's got you covered for Passover.

Make the Holiday meal memorable!

Whether it's the best tasting Beef, Lamb, or Poultry in the market … or simply some schmaltz and a Seder bone …
we've got many of the traditional foodstuffs that help 
make the Passover Holiday meal a special remembrance.

You can't buy a better tasting Brisket than Paulina's. 

Only the choicest briskets are hand-trimmed by our butchers
 to deliver to your kitchen mouth-watering first-cut perfection!
 Tender, savory, and satisfying.

If it's a dry-roast instead of a braise that you prefer,
 then serve a choice or prime-grade Standing Rib Roast
 to your guests.  It's the best 'compliment' to horseradish 
that we know!

We source our Chicken (fryers, roasters, pieces) locally;
 fresh poultry that's the highest grade available to the market, 
raised naturally on a vegetarian feed, and hormone and anti-biotic free. 
 Better yet … it tastes great! 

Enjoy the taste of quality!

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