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Lone Mountain Wagyu Rib Roast

$ 423.50

Lone Mountain Wagyu Rib Roast (FOR CHRISTMAS ONLY)

Pre-order now for the Christmas Holiday! 

There are several strains of Wagyu. The Japanese tradition is to breed those different strains to create an animal with the highest quality offspring. This takes time and patience and very, very careful record-keeping. 

One of the things Lone Mountain does is combine the Tajima strain (a Black Wagyu acclaimed for intense marbling) with Shimane or Fujiyoshi strains (also Black Wagyu known for their large size.) This creates a perfect animal that’s strong, healthy, and (most importantly) highly marbled.

And to make sure that Lone Mountain doesn't waste the opportunity that Wagyu genetics and breeding has given them, they wet-age the meat. This concentrates all the flavor and creates an unreal, earthy supple mouthfeel that is just… well… decadent.