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Retail Store Hours: Monday - Friday 9 AM - 6 PM; Saturdays 9 AM - 5 PM; CLOSED SUNDAYS. Please read for ALL online ordering information.

History of Paulina Market

Paulina Market is committed to quality. We source only the best-quality fresh meat and poultry that's available to the market. And we labor as best we can to make sure that everything we cut, smoke, and create is top-quality — the kind of quality that you can really taste.

It's been that way from the very beginning, ever since Sigmund Lekan opened Paulina Meat Market in 1949. Sigmund encouraged everyone at the Shop to always do the best they could — a philosophy that built a successful business, and an ethos that guides us still.


We've always been a local family-owned business. Sigmund operated Paulina Market with his two sons, Jerome and Ray Lekan who, in turn, tapped their long-time shop manager, Bill Begale, to take over the business in 2006. Now owners Bill and Laurie Begale, their three children (Joe, Johnny, and Jackie), and a very knowledgeable staff, operate Paulina Market.

At Paulina Market we're just as enthusiastic about food as you are. We're proud to be the place where Chicagoans shop for that special Holiday meal, when you want an occasion to be especially memorable. We strive to provide you with that same quality every day of the week, with everything we offer.

Paulina Market has always been a Butcher Shop, Sausage-Maker, and Smokehouse… now we are also a Commercial Kitchen and a Specialty Grocery.

We stock dozens of pastas and sauces, oils and vinegars, jams and jellies and chutneys, cookies and candies…more mustards and barbeque sauces than you can count, as well as a select variety of local artisan cheeses. All to help make your entertaining easy, and your meals taste their flavorful best.

We also make over 40 different Heat-'n-Eat Entrees — perfect when time is tight, or for those who prefer the taste of homemade meals without the work. Try some of our famous Corned Beef Hash for brunch; or enjoy the simple comfort of a Paulina Market Chicken Pot Pie; and our famous Baby Back Ribs or Sig's Pulled Pork will hit the spot when you're craving the taste of barbeque at home. 

Our Smokehouse is legendary. We offer over 10 different kinds of homemade Bacon. Our Charcuterie attracts home-cooks and professional chefs alike. How about a Smoked Hock for those soups, beans, or greens? How about some award-winning Beef Jerky made from tri-tip steaks? Enjoy a lightly-smoked Cajun Andouille Sausage, a Smoked Polish or Hungarian, or a Portuguese Linguisa — all hand-made in our Sausage Kitchen and finished in our Smokehouse.

As sausage-makers we're at our creative best. We hand-craft over 80 different sausages and brats from lean trimmings of the same steaks, roasts, and fresh poultry that you take home from our butcher case. Jalapeno Pepper Jack Brats, Cheddar Brats, Italian Beef Combo Brats, and Lamb Merguez are our most recent delicious creations!

Our experienced butchers break-down and hand-cut all of Paulina Market's steaks, chops, and roasts. We platter only the most tender and flavorful USDA Choice and Prime-Grade grain-fed beef.

Looking for that hard-to-find steak: a Hanger, a Flat-Iron, or a Tomahawk? Always available at Paulina Market, along with the best tasting Colorado Spring Lamb, Indiana Farm raised Pork, tender Wisconsin Veal, and only the freshest Amish Chicken, Turkey, and Duck. 

Enjoy the Taste of Quality — Welcome to Paulina Market!