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    Liver Sausage

    Liverwurst, Liver Sausage, Leberwurst...however you choose to title it, if you like the taste of liver, liver sausage is so so so good!  Paulina Market makes 4 types of liver sausages all year round.  Calves Liver Sausage, Fresh Liver Sausage, Goose Liver Sausage, and Hildeshimmer Liver Sausage.  Some smoked, and some not, each brings a great flavor for your taste buds to enjoy!
    Fresh Liver Sausage (Braunschweiger)
    $ 3.95
    Goose Liver Sausage
    $ 4.95
    Hildeshimmer Liver Sausage
    $ 4.10
    Smoked Calves Liver Sausage
    $ 4.55