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Boneless Turkey Breast (Raw) (FROZEN)

$ 82.70

Fresh Boneless Turkey Breast averaging between 6 and 8 pounds.  Get yours for your Thanksgiving meal today! 


NOTE:  For Thanksgiving week 2022, Amish Turkeys will be fresh and at the store for in-store pick up starting Monday, November 21st through Wednesday November 23rd (closed on Thanksgiving)  Frozen otherwise if not for Thanksgiving.  

Please call us if you have other questions! (773) 248-6272

Paulina sources our turkey breasts from Amish Country Young Fresh Turkeys which are all natural with zero additives. They are raised in large buildings, cage free, in ideal conditions. The feed is pesticide free and consists of corn, soy, minerals and vitamins. No growth hormones or steroids are given to the turkeys and they are antibiotic free. These standards are higher than the USDA regulations for all natural.