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Value Steak Pack

$ 95.00
Per Package

Many steak lovers go right for the Rib Eye, the filet, maybe even the Strip Steak...but maybe you know someone who is not the "typical" meat lover.  Maybe this person is unique and stands-out a little?  If so, I bet this gift box is perfect for them!  The Hanger Steak and Flat Iron Steak are tasty in their very own way, especially when cooked with Great Great Grandma's Recipe that's been passed down for years!

If you would like the connective tissue that holds the hanger steak together removed please let us know in the comment section.

This steak box includes:

2 x 16 oz Hanger Steaks

4 x 8 oz Flat Iron Steaks

11 oz bottle Paulina Steak Sauce