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Prepared Entree Box

$ 76.25

We have run out of stock for this item.

Prepared entrees are a great gift for your family who is always on the go with soccer games, music lessons, and always find themselves busy with one thing or the next.  They also are a great fit for a new family who just doesn't have them time or needs a break! 

The quantities will be 7 meals for small boxes and 14 pounds for large boxes. 

SMALL box:                                      LARGE box:

2 x Chicken Pot Pies                         4 x Chicken Pot Pies

1 x Beef Chili                                     2 x Beef Chili

1 x Jambalaya                                  1 x Jambalaya

1 x Fettuccini Bolognese                  2 x Fettuccini Bolognese 

1 x Pepper Steak                              2 x Pepper Steak

1 x Stuffed Chicken Breast               2 x Stuffed Chicken Breast

Meals can be for 1 or more people depending on what else is being served with the prepared meal.