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Breakfast and Lunch Box

$ 100.00

We have run out of stock for this item.

Bacon, pork breakfast sausages, corned beef hash, an apple pancake and more to cover breakfast for the month.  And for afternoon sandwiches we will toss in a variety of homemade salamis, bologna, corned beef, some cheeses, and more!


SMALL box:                                LARGE box:

1 lb. of bacon                               2 lbs. of bacon

1 lbs. assorted breakfast links     2 lbs. assorted breakfast links

1 x apple pancake                        2 x apple pancakes

1 lb. corned beef                          2 lbs. corned beef

1 lb. bologna                                2 lbs. bologna

1 lb. homemade salami                2 lbs. homemade salami

1/2 lb. Swiss cheese                      1 lb. Swiss cheese

1/2 lb. American cheese                1 lb. American cheese