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Boneless Rolled Leg of Lamb

$ 85.60

A boneless rolled leg of lamb is taken from either hind leg of the animal.  It is then completely boned out by the butcher, and rolled up into a nice roast.  Typically it is baked or grilled.  Some cooks will ask for it to be left unrolled, they will stuff it at home, and then roll it themselves to add some additional flavoring in the stuffing.

Paulina Market's lamb is purchased from Superior Farms out in Colorado where the lamb is sustainably pasture-raised and humanely treated.

Check out this link for leg of lamb recipes.

If you prefer it to be left unrolled, please make sure to comment in the "Add a note to your order" section while in your shopping cart!

Boneless rolled leg of lamb comes in a 3 - 6 lb piece range.