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PRIME Standing Rib Roast (bone in)

$ 239.25

2 reviews

The rib roast is cut from the rib section of the loin and is of prime quality.  It is a butcher's favorite and is very tender and flavorful (especially the cap portion)!  Our aged prime rib roast is wet aged for a minimum of 21 days and will not disappoint!

However you prefer your roasts on the spectrum of rare to well done, just make sure you have a thermometer on hand!

Many customers want to cook with the bone which provides more flavor, but don't want the hassle of cutting around the bones when it is fully cooked.  The answer to this problem is to have the bones cut (almost fully, but left attached) and tied back on, which we call "cut and tied."  Once you are done cooking, they can be easily removed by removing the strings and slicing the small portion of meat the bones are attached to!  
If you would like the bones to be "cut and tied",  just make sure to request this in the "Add a note to your order" section while in your shopping cart!

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