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Retail Store Hours: Monday - Friday 9 AM - 6 PM; Saturdays 9 AM - 5 PM; CLOSED SUNDAYS. Please read for ALL online ordering information.

Sandwich Corner

Paulina Market now has homemade sandwiches brought to you directly by your favorite butchers!

If you are looking to purchase a sandwich, grab a ticket when you walk in and wait for your number to be called or order ahead online.  If you want other items behind the countertops, the same butcher will help you all the way through.  

Things to note:

You can pre order a sandwich thru our website and there is a minimum wait of 30 minutes once you place the order.  

The Sandwich Corner opens at 9 am with the opening of the store, but does close down 1 hour before the shop closes.  Therefore, last call for sandwiches is 5pm in store and 4:30pm online during the week and 4pm in store and 3:30pm online on Saturdays.

During holiday times (whether it is a summer holiday like Memorial Day or the big winter holiday week like Christmas), the Sandwich Corner will be closed down so we can focus on serving steaks, sausage, and deli items to all of our customers.