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Barber Turkey

Barber Turkey

$ 54.45

NOTE:  For Thanksgiving week 2016, Barber Turkeys will be fresh and at the store for in-store pick up Monday November 21 through Wednesday November 23!  If you would like to purchase a turkey before these dates (for shipping or in-store pickup) the Turkey will come from our current stock which is frozen. If you would like it thawed out for your pick up date before the 21st leave us a message in the notes or give us a call.  Please call us first to ensure we have the right size for your needs if you have other questions! (773) 248-6272

If you need anything done to the bird ie; spatchcok, quarter, de-bone, etc please give us a call and place the order over the phone there is an extra charge for that. Thanks.

Barber's Turkeys

(Family owned and operated since 1949)

Barber’s turkeys are raised in semi-containment housing; they are given free access to the outside environment weather permitting. The birds are fed a nutritionally complete ration of food.  Barber’s Turkeys are given time to mature naturally without growth hormones, and are minimally  processed with absolutely no preservatives in the process.

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