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All Beef Butcher Box

$ 125.00

We have run out of stock for this item.

Beef, it's what's for dinner!

Standard Fall/Winter month boxes (Nov. - March) will include ground beef and pot roast cuts in addition to more cuts like brisket and short ribs.  Standard Spring/Summer month boxes (April - Oct.) will include steak burgers and porterhouse steaks in addition to more cuts like ribeyes, flat irons, flank steaks, hanger steaks and more! 

The "and more" cuts will vary on a monthly basis, and will be alternated for variety!  The quantities will be 12 pounds for small boxes and 24 pounds for large boxes. 

Current butcher boxes (Nov. - March)

SMALL box:                                       LARGE box:

2 pounds of ground beef           4 pounds of ground beef

2 pounds of pot roast               4 pounds of pot roast

8 pounds of other cuts             16 pounds of other cuts 
possibly including brisket,        possibly including brisket,
short ribs, sirloin tip roast,        short ribs, sirloin tip roast,           
flap meat, hanger steak,          flap meat, hanger steak,
pichana, beef stew,                  pichana, beef stew,
and more.                                and more.