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Thanksgiving Turkeys

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Barber’s turkeys are raised in semi-containment housing where they are given free access to the outside environment weather permitting. The birds are fed a nutritionally complete ration of food.  Barber’s Turkeys are given time to mature naturally without growth hormones, and are minimally processed with absolutely no preservatives in the process. Preservation is achieved by deep chill cold storage only.
In Store Details:
Sizes from 10 to 28 lbs.
Available fresh for pickup starting
Monday, November 23rd
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If you are looking for something different this year,
why not try out our homemade Turducken...
Our homemade Turducken is a combination of three poultry meats! The outside layer is a boneless turkey with the wings and legs attached. The boneless turkey is then stuffed with a whole boneless duck, which is then stuffed with a whole boneless chicken breast. In between each layer contains a cornbread stuffing with Cajun spices and Andouille sausage.
(Cooking should take 3-1/2hrs to 4 1/2hrs at 350 oven. Internal temp. should be 165 degrees.)
 (Approx. 11 - 14 pounds each)