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April Newsletter

Paulina Market's Charcuterie Charity Event
April 22nd Benefit for the American Cancer Society

Join us after hours, Saturday April 22nd (from 7-10 p.m.), for a meaty night at the Paulina Market that'll both taste great and do some good! 

"Charcuterie Charity Night" will feature tastings of Charcuterie and artisanal Cheeses, as well as tastings of Craft Beers, fine Wines, and Spirits.  We'll be butchering (and auctioning) two half-Lambs; and we'll be sampling fresh, spit-roasted whole Sakura Pork Loin.

This special evening will also feature live music and a silent auction.  We'll have gift-bags for everyone — and, needless to say, we hope you'll join us.

'Seating' is limited to 100; tickets are $100 per person ($75 of which benefits the American Cancer Society).  Register in-store or by phone (773-248-6272).

Old-Fashioned, Hungarian, Sriracha-Onion, and Chili Wieners
April's Specials-of-the-Month

Opening Day is right around the corner — can you believe it?  It's as if the World Championship celebrations were just yesterday.

And while hope may always 'Spring' eternal, this year it's with a sense of gratitude — and a lot of anticipation! 

As a nod to tradition, our April Special-of-the-Month will be four of the nine different all-meat Wieners that we make in our Sausage Kitchen.  A perfect way to cover all the bases!

We will discount these exceptional all-meat Wieners from $8.25 to $6.95 per pound all month long.

Take advantage of this deal to bite into some of our most popular Old-Fashioned Wieners; or take home some of our Hungarian Wieners, with just a hint of garlic and paprika; or spice things up a bit with our  Sriracha-Onion Wiener; or check-out our Chili-Wieners that sport all the flavor of a traditional chili-'dawg', but without any of the mess.

After all, our all-meat Wieners are no ordinary 'dawgs'!

Unlike hot dogs, which can contain fillers … our Wieners are made from only butcher-trimmed veal, beef, and pork that we finely grind, season, naturally encase, and then lightly smoke.  And we also make an All-Beef Wiener in a sheep casing for your enjoyment.

The happy result:  the best tasting 'dawgs' you've ever eaten!

Make Holiday meals memorable with top quality ingredients!

Whether it's the little things:  like farm-fresh eggs to decorate, or to serve at Brunch … or an item more central to the main meal:  like a Lamb roast, a first-cut Brisket, an Easter Polish, or a succulent Ham — we've got you covered!

If your traditional Holiday meal features roasted Lamb, Paulina Market offers only the finest domestic Spring Lamb.  We source our lamb from Colorado.  It's all-natural, and it's minimally processed.
We bring it into our cutting-room whole, where our master-butchers break it down into primal-cuts as well as the finished cuts you see in our counter.  The result:  a more tender, mildly-flavored Lamb than you can find anywhere else. If you haven't done so already, give it a try … you'll taste the difference!

If you're serving a small group, you could grill some Lamb Loin or Rib Chops; or roast a whole Rack of Lamb or a Lamb Wellington. 

If you're serving a larger group, we'd recommend a larger roast such as a Bone-in, or Boneless-rolled, Leg of Lamb. Or consider grill-roasting a Butterflied Leg of Lamb — one of our absolute favorites!

Our choice-grade first-cut Briskets are trimmed by hand by our Butchers to be extra-lean, with a thin proper fat-cap to render for flavor and tenderness.  And if you're celebrating Passover, we also have hard-to-find Seder bones for ritual observance.

Many of you celebrate Easter with one of Paulina Market's popular lightly-smoked Hams, which we offer in a variety of styles. 

Bone-in Hams can be ordered as Half-Hams (between 7-10 pounds)
or as Whole-Hams (16-18 pounds); Spiral-cut or Uncut; and Honey-glazed or Plain.

Prefer not to carve around a ham-bone?

Consider a full-sized Boneless Ham. We'll even slice and tie it for your convenience, if you'd like.  Serving a smaller group? Our boneless, lean, and flavorful Party-Hams generously satisfy up to 5 hearty appetites.

Paulina Market's Seasonal traditions:
Easter Polish Sausage and Easter Calzone

Our seasonal Easter Polish are available through the Holiday.  As a nod to tradition that goes all the way back to our founding in 1949, we hand-cut 
trimmings the old-fashioned way to yield a slightly larger, coarser, lightly-smoked sausage that's still flavored with garlic
 and our secret blend of spices. 

These most excellent Polish Sausages are as versatile as they are flavorful:  sliced as an appetizer and paired with cheese (gouda, gruyere, or cheddar); cubed in a simple scramble for Brunch; or sautéed with sauerkraut for a quick, traditional supper.

And since 2006, we've also been happy to share with you a traditional Holiday staple that our family always looked forward to sharing with one another each Spring:  an Easter Calzone (also known as Pizzagaina, or Pizza Rustica, or Italian Easter Pie).  

Our Easter Calzone's a rich, dense, savory-tasting pastry-pie made simply with our Italian Sausage, parsley, seasonings, and an egg-bound blend of a trinity of Italian cheeses (ricotta, mozzarella, and parmesan). 

Available in-store the week before Easter, as supplies last, from our family to yours.  
Enjoy the taste of quality!