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December Newsletter

Paulina Market's Special-of-the-Month this December is a double special:  one for in-store shoppers, the other for on-line (delivery only) shoppers.

For our in-store shoppers we've discounted our popular Bone-in Pork Chops.  Hand-cut from Sakura center-cut pork loins by our Butchers, these delicious Chops are bred and fed for flavor and tenderness.  We'll be discounting our Bone-in Pork Chops from $8.95 to $7.50 per pound all month long (in-store purchases only).

For our on-line shoppers (delivery only), product purchases of $75 or more will receive one dozen of our famous Old-Fashioned Wieners. That's an $18 value for our all-meat, lightly-smoked and fully-cooked, best-ever Wieners— special in taste, special as a great value.  Enjoy!

Are you making a list?  Checking it twice?  

Be sure it includes our Holiday Sausage, available but once a year!

For those of us who love encased meats, it's not too far a stretch to consider our Sausage Kitchen as a kind of Santa's Workshop. 

After all, our Sausage-makers are quite busy this time of year, and they've recently crafted a favorite Sausage that's a fun twist on tradition.

Imagine biting into a Brat that tastes like a hot turkey sandwich that's fully dressed with all the fixin's. Whet your appetite, awaken a craving?

Coarse-ground turkey, cornbread stuffing,  and dried cranberries combine with a blend of zesty spices to deliver a savory and satisfying holiday 'punch'.

Our Holiday Sausage make an easy appetizer: straight off the grill, cut into pieces, and skewered with a toothpick.  And as a whole sausage, they're a creative 'take' on the much-loved often-craved 'leftover' hot turkey sandwich.

Make Paulina Market's Holiday Sausage a fun new tradition at your holiday table.
Versatile, flavorful, and satisfying.
Like our popular Holiday Paté, our Holiday Sausage come but once a year.
So take some of these special seasonal Brats home, while supplies last.