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Fermented Salami

It's All About Technique...

Before the days of Frigidaire and Whirlpool, fermenting foods was the best pathway to food preservation!  With the addition of salt and nitrates to the exterior of whole muscle meat or mixed into comminuted meat (aka sausage) which were then hung to dry in the proper climate, harmful bacteria like Clostridium botulinum (which causes Botulism) was discouraged from growing while the beneficial bacteria was encouraged to stay. 
Fermented SalamiHistorians agree that fermented food has been around for thousands of years, with fermented sausage potentially having its origin in Europe.  Depending on where in Europe the fermented sausage was going to be produced, Northern or Southern region, determined the process.  With the climates being drastically different, at least in the realm of sausage production, the humidity and temperature variety called for a differences in production style.  In the North, the weather was less predictable with cooler temperatures and higher humidity.  This called for smoking to be a crucial step in Northern European air-dried sausage.  The Southern region (Mediterranean countries), tended to have a drier climate with steady winds which allowed for air drying to be the preferred method, without the need for smoke. 
As any knowledgeable food processor knows, you learn from the past.  Modern day sausage makers have studied and taken notes on the old way of producing fermented sausage in order to recreate the proper conditions (humidity and temperature control) no matter what climate you happen to live in.  Paulina Market recently purchased a dry-curing chamber from The Sausage Maker, and now can control temperature, humidity, and air speed to create our own fermented salamis.  Having control on our side, we are able to test the sausage's pH and Aw (acidity and water activity levels respectively), to ensure they are at safe levels before they are ready to be YOU!  With the use of bacterial starter cultures, and some quality recipes from our sausage kitchen gurus, Paulina is able to produce consistent top of the line quality fermented salamis for all to enjoy!
(Currently sold in-store only)