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    Equality America was created so people everywhere can visually show their support for marriage equality.
    It's the hope that this visual support will spark positive conversations about marriage equality and the LGBTQ community as a whole, challenge non-supporters' views, and potentially influence political leaders' stance on marriage equality and discrimination against the LGBTQ community.
    Ultimate Purpose
    Behind the scenes, Equality America hopes to help those struggling with their sexuality today. Ultimately, supporting marriage equality is a sign of support for the LGBTQ community as a whole.
    Many individuals struggle with their sexuality for a majority of their childhood, teenage years, into their young adult life, and sometimes carries on throughout most of their adult life. Even after "coming out" many individuals have lasting mental effects due to the years of constantly rejecting who they are. And in addition, there still is a negative stigma by some of society placed on those who are gay, lesbian, bi, trans, or questioning which is extremely harmful to one's mental health.
    Joining Equality America and visually showing your support for marriage equality does much more than one might think at first glance. This visual representation of support shows people out there that you support the LGBTQ community in times of struggle with their sexuality and in times of joy when equality rings in. The sight of an Equality America wristband or key chain can give an individual struggling a sense of hope. A hope that people care and that a better life is ahead!
    At the end of the day, what is best for an individual in terms of accepting one's sexuality is what is best for society. A mentally healthy individual does not have to cave in to pressure and do what is always expected of oneself. An individual who accept's his/her sexuality can follow one's heart and lead a positive and passionate life. In turn, the individual can be more confident in who they are and make the right decisions; not only regarding big decisions like their career and the decisions to have a family, but also small decisions such as what to wear or what music to listen to. Accepting oneself allows individuals to truly be oneself and follow one's desires and dreams instead of those set out by society.
    Our support on this, our visual suport, will help those struggling obtain this place of acceptance and live a happier life, which truly is something we all deserve.