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2nd Annual Photo Contest

Enter Paulina Market's 2nd Annual Photo Contest: 
Compete for fun, fame, and fortune! 

However serious the culinary art of Sausage-making may sound, I think we can all agree that the proper 'end' to that creative process - biting into a juicy Brat - is just plain fun.  

Take Paulina Market's Goat Brat.  We created this mild and savory sausage several years ago to help our Wrigleyville-neighborhood Baseball Club finally overcome their cursed luck (not that we actually believe in any such long-standing superstition).  

And because some of us at the Shop, like you, remain proud but long-suffering fans - we decided to create a tasty Brat that would enable us to "Beat/eat" the 'Curse'.  Coincidentally, that just happened to be the same year Theo Epstien took a new job in Chicago.

Now, we're not claiming a 'cause-and-effect' relationship here, that'd be ridiculous. But the thought that it's just 'random-chance' seems a bit too loose; 'dumb-luck', way too dismissive. Maybe a notion of 'cosmic-convergence' captures it best.  

To our way of magical-thinking, the same simple mix of hard-work and talent that yields the sweet-taste of hard-earned success - is as apropos to Sausage-making, as it is to Championship Baseball. Throw in the fact that we're Wrigleyville neighbors, and well … now you've got yourself some serious fun!

We invite you to participate in this same kind of fun by entering our 2nd Annual Photo Contest. Summon your creative spirit to style and photograph our Goat Brats in a way which visually conveys that, as a true fan, you're doing your part to cook-and-eat the 'Curse' away.  

Enter as often as you'd like between now and August 31st over the Twitter or Facebook links below, or by e-mail to  

We'll be posting entries that catch our eye over social media (Twitter, Facebook) and on our website. We'll be awarding 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place contestants with Paulina Market gifts as follows:  1st place will receive a $300 Paulina Market Gift-Card; 2nd place, two Wagyu Strip Steaks and a half-pound of Wagyu Jerky; 3rd place, a Traditional Brat Pack Gift-box (4 Veal Brats, 4 Curry Brats, 4 Sheboygan Brats, and 4 Smoked Thuringer).  

Join us as we cook-and-eat the 'Curse' away!  Good luck!