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    Swedish Items

    Paulina Market prides itself on it's German roots without a doubt, but we also consider ourselves a World Meat Market at large!  The Sausage Kitchen produces Swedish items such as Press-Sylta (Head Cheese), Potatiskorv (Potato Sausage), and Falukorv (Ring Bologna) to name a few.  In addition to what we make, the shop also carries Swedish items such as Bond-ost Cheese, Limpa Bread, and Pickled Herring to name a few!  

    Smaklig Måltid!

    Swedish Pancake Mix
    $ 3.65
    Walker Brother's Apple Pancake
    $ 16.95
    Felix Lingonberries
    $ 9.25
    Fresh Frozen Lingonberries
    $ 18.95
    Pickled Herring
    $ 7.95
    Glogg Spice Mix
    $ 8.95
    Lars Porridge Rice
    $ 5.25
    Farmers Cheese
    $ 17.95
    Abba Herring
    $ 6.75